Featuring Tecnu Products for the relief of Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac

Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser

  • Removes the source of the rash caused by poison oak, ivy and sumac.
Poison Oak and Poison Ivy and Sumac CleanserTECNU cleans and decontaminates clothing and skin after exposure to poison oak, poison ivy and sumac. Its unique, waterless cleansing formula has been proven to remove the cause of the irritating itch and spreading rash, the poison plants’ oil, urushiol (oo-roo-she-all). Urushiol “locks on” to skin cells within 20 minutes after exposure. Left untreated, skin will erupt into a red, itchy rash in 3 out of 4 people within 12 to 72 hours. Urushiol can also be picked up secondhand from contaminated clothes, pets, or tools.

Tecnu is especially formulated to “unlock” urushiol. Other products simply cover up the problem, while Tecnu cleanses the oil that causes the rash. Used in 2 to 8 hours, Tecnu can remove urushiol before the rash begins. Once the rash has started, washing with Tecnu helps remove any oils on the skin, allowing the skin’s natural healing process to begin without possible recontamination.
Accepted as “standard issue” in first aid kits by many public utilities, timber companies, the forest service and other outdoor industries, Tecnu has saved countless lost work hours by reducing workers’ comp claims from exposure to poison oak, poison ivy, and sumac.

Customer Experience:

I love this product! It has helped me to stop the terrible rash outbreaks I use to get. Thank-you, I now can work on my acreage without fear!

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  Tecnu Cleanser for Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac

Directions: Tecnu is most effective when used within the first few hours after exposure or as soon as the rash appears. Before rash has started:

  1. Apply Tecnu to exposed, unwetted skin as soon as practical within 2-8 hours after exposure.
  2. Rub vigorously for 2 minutes to remove poison oils and other dirt. If hypersensitive, wash entire body with Tecnu.
  3. Rinse skin clean with cool running water or wipe off with a cloth. Repeat. Use Tecnu before eating , smoking, going to the bathroom and day's end to minimize spreading oils.

As soon as rash appears:

  1. Rub Tecnu on affected skin and surrounding areas for 2 minutes. Avoid breaking skin. For best results apply to entire body.
  2. Rinse off with cool running water (not a bath) to remove Tecnu and poison oils. If itching persists, reapply, then rinse in a very warm shower (not a bath).
  3. Towel dry gently. Repeat as needed and before retiring.

To Clean Clothing and Equipment: Saturate contaminated, unwetted clothing with Tecnu. First check for colorfastness by testing a concealed corner of the fabric). Let soak for several minutes. Launder clothing by itself as usual with detergent and hot water. Equipment and tools should be wiped down with a clean cloth saturated with Tecnu. Wipe clean or rinse off with running water. Clean hands with Tecnu after handling contaminated items.


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Recommended for: Misery of poison Oak, poison ivy and sumac.
Benefits: Tecnu cleanses and decontaminates skin by removing the invisible oils of poison oak, ivy and sumac.

Ingredients: Deodorized Mineral Spirits, Water, Propylene Glycol, Octylphenoxy-Polyethoxyethanol, Mineral Fatty Acid Soap and Fragrance.
Contraindications: Caution: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For external use only. Should not be applied to raw, oozing areas of skin. Do not use this product for at least 3 days after using hydrocortisone ointments on affected area. May irritate sensitive skin. If redness, irritation or itching increases, or if infection occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. Keep out of eyes and other mucous membranes. Lot number on side of bottle.

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